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What is IDfy?

IDfy helps mitigate risk and fraud in "people transactions". Our clients use our services to identify and authenticate people, detect fraud and determine eligibility for credit and other services.

Our platform serves many different use cases - from employment to financial risk profiling, tenancy, and even matrimony. Our analytics engine and workflows give leading indicators for any decision regarding people.

The contexts are endless; basically IDfy is all about creating the infrastructure to enable better people decisions.

What is it like working at IDfy?

If the force is strong with you and you have always taken the red pill, IDfy is the place for you!

At IDfy we believe in the freedom to think, and this means we expect everyone to engage in constructive debate to build the best company any one of us has worked in.

IDfy is a place where creativity, initiative and merit is given the most importance. You don't have to play politics to move up, you just have to be AWESOME!

No one at IDfy is going to ask you to put in your hours, you just have to finish your tasks and more!!!

You will love working here if -

You wont like working here if -

We had dreams, and we dreamt big. We created IDfy. IDfy is a place where Mondays are actually Fridays. People don’t want to take days off because working at IDfy is an adventure. It’s a thrill, and take it from us - this ride gives us all a high!

So what role will I play at IDfy?

You will be part of the platform engineering team at IDfy. The platform engineering team is responsible for the various applications and services required to run IDfy.

Work will include building new applications, enhancing existing applications, fixing bugs and having a lot of fun. You will work with really smart colleagues who are passionate about what they do.

As a full stack engineer, you will be required to work on both server-side as well as client-side code. You will build algorithms, APIs, MIS reports, amazing user interfaces and a lot more!

PS: Most of our code base is in Ruby. It's totally cool if you have not worked in Ruby before, as long as you are willing to pick it up. Ruby has a relatively small learning curve and we are happy to invest in you while you are 'learning the ropes'. Language is just a tool at the end of the day - its logic that matters!


To sum it up, you will be required to -

You -


In no particular order -

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