QA Engineer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India · Tech · TE


What is IDfy?

IDfy is a startup in the people information space with the mission of IDfy’ing 1B Indians. We help companies and individuals take better people decisions.

We are venture funded and we make money – yes that’s unusual for a startup these days, but what’s the point of having a business that has no chance of making money? Our investors thankfully think that making money is great too. We are also scaling like crazy, 30% MOM revenue growth is a norm for IDfy.

We have a rocking enterprise solution and are now building a trust-based social network for the bottom of the pyramid segment which will help to deliver content, services and products to the unbanked, non-targeted, semi skilled and unskilled workforce of India.

What is it like working at IDfy?

If the force is strong with you and you have always taken the red pill, IDfy is the place for you!

At IDfy we believe in the freedom to think, and this means we expect everyone to engage in constructive debate to build the best company any one of us has worked in.

IDfy is a place where creativity, initiative and merit is given the most importance. You don't have to play politics to move up, you just have to be AWESOME!

No one at IDfy is going to ask you to put in your hours, you just have to finish your tasks and more!!!

You will love working here if -

You wont like working here if -

We had dreams, and we dreamt big. We created IDfy. IDfy is a place where Mondays are actually Fridays. People don’t want to take days off because working at IDfy is an adventure. It’s a thrill, and take it from us - this ride gives us all a high!

So what role will I play at IDfy?

You will be part of the testing practice at IDfy. You’ll be one of the test ninjas at IDfy who will help us find and squash those pesky bugs. You will hold the fort to ensure that nothing sub-standard ever crosses into the ruthless production environment.


You would be required to do the following -

You -


In no particular order -

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